Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Russia’s Ad Money Spent On Fake News?

Regular satire / fake news sites have a short half-life with their stories. They can go viral for a few days, that’s about it. The Russians spent millions on anti-Clinton stories targeting people in key swing counties perpetuating pedophile stories enough times until alt-right news outlets like Infowars picked them up for real which then creates a huge amplifying effect among dummies. 

For $20 million, Russia had more influence than the New York Times or Washinton Post. Putin is laughing at us while China takes notes.

It’s blatantly interfering in American Elections and now we are stuck with Trump.

Trump Spent $1.8 Billion On Lawyers From 1982-2014

Donald Trump spent over $1.8 billion, yes billion,  on lawyers over a 32 year period. Even at New York law firm prices, that’s a lot. It’s noted that he has always had several firms working at once with some of them suing for payment. Continue reading “Trump Spent $1.8 Billion On Lawyers From 1982-2014”

Ivanka Trump Piloted Air Force One From Europe

After a bizarre G-20 Summit where Trump seemingly signaled the decline of US power and progressiveness and an unprecedented act of having your daughter fill in with a meeting of global leaders, Ivanka Trump piloted Air Force One for several hours over the Atlantic ocean. Continue reading “Ivanka Trump Piloted Air Force One From Europe”

Twitter Almost Banned Trump For Life In 2011

An internal Twitter memo surfaced recently talking about how Donald Trump was almost banned from Twitter in 2011 after a series of inappropriate messages and tweets that violated the Terms of Use Agreement but after a lot of complaining and threatening lawsuits, Twitter reinstated Trump’s account after a few hours.

The discussion came after Trump’s threatening attacks on then President Obama and an additional dozen complaints from women who said they were being harassed. They blocked him because of the unwanted messages which also breaks the social medias Terms of Use Agreement. To make it worse, he had followers harass the women after he could no longer make contact.

One woman said, “It was terrible. Then thousands of jerks came out of the woodwork to harass us after they were commanded to.

“It was the worst year of my life.”

Twitter didn’t take the decision lightly. It was also a turbulent time for the company, which is all the time, and they didn’t want to be seen as censoring or being unkind to its users.“If we had banned him from the service, he wouldn’t be president today.”  

Trump Denies Volcano Below Yellowstone Park: “I Don’t See One”

One of the world’s largest volcanos sits beneath the Yellowstone Park. There have been over 700 small earthquakes in the area over the past two weeks. Yet, for some reason, President Trump won’t acknowledge a fact that geologist discovered it nearly 60 years ago. “I don’t see one. Do you see a volcano? There isn’t a volcano there,” said Trump to the stuned room of reporters.

A reporter said, “Whenever you think he can’t say anything dumber, he does.”

The question wasn’t even if a volcano exists but if he thinks the earthquakes were caused by fracking. 

Women Would Pay 4 Times More Than Men Under Republican Healthcare Bill

The new Senate released its secret healthcare bill and it has Democrats and most of America reeling from the cold heartedness. It will be a great tax cut for the rich as women will pay four times as much as men. It’s the reasoning why women would pay so much more that is really upsetting many women. Continue reading “Women Would Pay 4 Times More Than Men Under Republican Healthcare Bill”

JEFF SESSIONS FIRED: Returns to office to find Trump’s sock on door knob

That’s how Trump fires people. He hands them a sock and shows them the door.

Less than an hour after finishing his awkward Congressional testimony, Attorney General discovered the size five foot sock suspended from his office door.

“It took a couple hours to figure out what was happening,” said one aide. “Looking at the size of the sock, every one assumed Melania must have left it as a happy birthday gift.

“She’s had trouble finding her husbands office,” the aide clarified.

It wasn’t long before the signal became clear; Session’s efforts, declared Trump, were no longer required.

“That’s how Trump does it,” said one long-time assistance. “He fires people the way his father fired the maid. Hands them an article of clothing and expects them to find the door.”

Confusion filled the office when an extra-large pair of Fruit of the Loom briefs were found slung over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office chair. Upon inspection, it was determined that the size did not accord with Trump’s own undergarments. Mueller has since been allowed to keep his job until adequate support for his brass balls can be found.

Trump Made Up Story About Barron’s Reaction To Kathy Griffin Photo

A recent photoshoot with Kathy Griffin was met with harsh criticism for holding a bloody Trump head with a stern look on her face. It turns out, Trump made-up the story as Barron said, “I thought it was Ronald McDonald.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s top political adviser, and former Breitbart editor, then wrote a story about how Barron thought the picture was real and how to distribute the propaganda.

Barron was offended that people questioned his intelligence. “I’m not dumb, I’m a New Yorker,” said Barron. “I’ve seen much, much worse things on the internet. I thought it was Ronald McDonald, which I didn’t like because I like chicken nuggets.”

The Trump administration tried to twist the situation to help Donald Trump politically, and it has worked. It hasn’t worked on Barron, “I’m already as smart as my father.”

Trump: “Kathy Griffin Is Big Meanie, A Nasty Big Meanie, Very Bigley” 

“It’s very, very mean of her. No president has ever been treated so badly,” said Trump. “Why are comedians doing political comedy. They didn’t do satire or political comedy until I won an election they lost badly.”

57 million people voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton and 54 million people voted for Republican Donald Trump. Hillary won over 3 million more votes. Trump won the electoral college by roughly 75,000 votes across 5 counties in 3 different states.

Sean Spicer threw a tantrum at the media after the President refused to hold a single press conference during his recent 11-day foreign trip, the first to refuse the media request since 1913, mostly because of the First World War, after a comedian did a photo shoot. How does a 71-year-old man become offended by a photo shoot? Nobody knows but the supposed billionaire seems to be skin free.

Griffin was fired from the annual New Year’s Eve CNN program.

Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4

Tokyo – Nintendo shocked the video game world when they announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will be released by competitor Sony on the PlayStation 4. This is the first Nintendo game on a competitor’s video game console ever. Analysts predict it could sell an additional 30 million units which would generate an extra $2.1 billion in revenue. Continue reading “Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4”