Stan Lee Donates $1.2 Billion To #MeToo

Following the death of prolific cartoonist at the age of 95, the legend donated his entire estate worth $1.2 billion to the #MeToo Foundation. Continue reading “Stan Lee Donates $1.2 Billion To #MeToo”

Hollywood Only Down To 999,997 Worst Kept Secrets

After Harvey Weinstein’s obvious “secret” came out, Hollywood publicists scramble to keep the other 999,997 terrible “secrets” out of non-Hollywood circles.

“The only point to be an agent is to fuck hot chicks.” – Hollywood agent “Or young boys, whatever you’re into.”

“For us ugly, ugly producers, it’s just better to pay for sex through an escort service, that way no one gets hurt. We get sex and they get paid in cash or bitcoin.” – Hollywood producer

Ivanka Trump Piloted Air Force One From Europe

After a bizarre G-20 Summit where Trump seemingly signaled the decline of US power and progressiveness and an unprecedented act of having your daughter fill in with a meeting of global leaders, Ivanka Trump piloted Air Force One for several hours over the Atlantic ocean. Continue reading “Ivanka Trump Piloted Air Force One From Europe”

Women Would Pay 4 Times More Than Men Under Republican Healthcare Bill

The new Senate released its secret healthcare bill and it has Democrats and most of America reeling from the cold heartedness. It will be a great tax cut for the rich as women will pay four times as much as men. It’s the reasoning why women would pay so much more that is really upsetting many women. Continue reading “Women Would Pay 4 Times More Than Men Under Republican Healthcare Bill”