Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4

Tokyo – Nintendo shocked the video game world when they announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will be released by competitor Sony on the PlayStation 4. This is the first Nintendo game on a competitor’s video game console ever. Analysts predict it could sell an additional 30 million units which would generate an extra $2.1 billion in revenue. Continue reading “Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4”

An English YouTuber & Worms Armageddon Predicted Trump’s Rise Months Before the Experts (Video)

If only we’d paid attention.

Hilarious Let’s Play YouTuber Many A True Nerd unleashed a barrel of worms with bazooka’s in an AI match and successfully called the US Election as far back as March, 2016. If only we’d paid attention.

A Snowboarding game that doesn’t suck is finally coming out

December 2nd, Steep, by publisher UbiSoft, hits the stores shelves. Might be the best snowboarding game since Amped 2 for the original X-Box.  Continue reading “A Snowboarding game that doesn’t suck is finally coming out”