Pence Said Mens and Womens Bathroom Were Too close At Colts Stadium

“They were only 300 feet away,” said Pence. “There are children at this game.”
“Bathrooms should be at a minimum 1,000 feet apart, that’s what god told me as I prayed for standing. I always stand when peeing and salute the flag.”

Trump Forgot To Pack Underwear For First Big Foreign Trip

President Trump is on his first foreign trip as leader of the free world, he’ll also be riding free since he forgot to pack his underwear on the week-long trip that includes a speech in Saudi Arabia. There is no word if he plans to stop in France. Continue reading “Trump Forgot To Pack Underwear For First Big Foreign Trip”

Ryan Lochte Lands Sponsorship Deal With United Airlines

After a disturbing video emerged showing Chicago police removing a passenger against his will. To help stop the bleeding, American swimmer Ryan Lochte, has landed a deal to promote United Airlines. They are using the slogan: “Give Us A 5th Chance.” The deal is over 4 years through the 2020 Olympics in Japan and is worth $25 million. Continue reading “Ryan Lochte Lands Sponsorship Deal With United Airlines”