“I Coined ‘What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas'”

President Trump spoke about Las Vegas:

“I think I first said it in 2002 after a fabulous trip to the city,” said Trump. “It was a wild weekend. I had the whole top floor to myself. It was three presidential suites. I told them to knock down a few falls and make it the ‘super presidential suite.’ I will stay there again when I go back and I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t have the Super Presidential Suite. It’s a great idea and now I’m president even with millions of people voting illegally which I will get to the bottom of, believe me.”

Trump then talked about the 2016 election. “Really? Crooked Hillary really thinks she got more votes than me? No way, no way,” said Trump. “I toured a gun range when I was campaigning which was the best campaign anyone has ever seen, many people have told me many times. The gun stuff was fun and a thing and something we do here in America, we aren’t Austria. I’m not the president of Austria.”