Trump: “Who Knew Racism Could Be So Evil?”

 As the fallout from the Charlottesville, Virginia Alt-right Nazi demonstration continues, President Trump said, “Who knew racism could be so evil?

“It doesn’t look that bad on my TV, you know, I watch war documentaries. The History Channel is very good but sometimes they get it wrong like Hitler, you know, never mind, but still, they get some stuff wrong. But we won the war and we won the war greatly when other countries had already given up. We didn’t give up. 

“Now look at Germany letting in so many refugees. That can’t be good, believe me. You don’t want to let those bad people in. Hitler was good because he stopped immigration. I don’t agree with everything but you have to admit he was very effective on immigration. Just like North Korea, they don’t have an immigration problem, they have other problems, believe me. Maybe even bigger problems with the coal and food. 

“Just remember, Hoover rounded up communists and many weren’t, it was a witch hunt, so let’s not jump to conclusions from fake news.”