White House Withholding Sean Spicer’s Last Two Paychecks

Apparently, Spicer didn’t receive his last two paychecks and had been asking about it for six weeks.

President Trump said, “He didn’t do the job right so why should I pay him?”  

Reporters call the withholding of his pay “crazy” and “typical Trump.” One reporter said, “Considering how much shit he had to deal with because of all of Trump’s lies the least they could do is pay the man the previous two months worth of work. But I guess Trump is full of spite.

“I would have quite seven weeks ago if I was Sean. Can’t imagine the White House withholding my pay for work done, we have never seen this happen.”

Some said this was to set an example for other White House staff. “Trump will try to starve you if he feels like it. I mean, he has bills to pay and the job doesn’t even pay that much. It is definitely the worst job in the world because the man in charge is the worst at doing his job.”

A close friend of Spicer said Sean has hired a lawyer to sue for his last two months of pay. Trump was annoyed that Spicer kept asking for his pay checks.

“Only Trump can take a heel and turn him into a babyface in a second, it’s just like pro-wrestling.”