Trump Spent $1.8 Billion On Lawyers From 1982-2014

Donald Trump spent over $1.8 billion, yes billion,  on lawyers over a 32 year period. Even at New York law firm prices, that’s a lot. It’s noted that he has always had several firms working at once with some of them suing for payment.

“He mostly sued people who didn’t have the money to fight back,” said New York attorney Kramer Van Houston. “It was the main part of his business strategy”  

That’s $60 million per year, 164k per day, 6,849.00 per hour for 32 years. Much of the money came from investors he swindled and loans from China.

“He has bankrupt tens of thousand of people including the elderly and children. His lawsuit against a twelve-year-old kid was especially brutal. Who sues a kid and enjoys it? Donald Trump and maybe Scrooge McDuck.

“It’s his strategy; spin, bully, fuck, repeat.”