Sean Hannity Legally Changes Last Name To ‘Trump’

New York – Fox News pundit Sean Hannity, the host of Hannity, legally changed his last name at a New York courthouse early Wednesday morning.

“I feel so good, you can now call me Sean Trump,” said Hannity. “It has a good ring to it.”

There is already legal trouble because Donald Trump won’t allow his name to be used on other TV shows and has multiple trademarks. Even for his friend Sean Hannity, Trump won’t budge on the trademark. However, Hannity could pay the licensing fee if he wanted and if permitted by Donald Trump.

White House Communications Deputy Sarah Huckabee said, “They are both very good friends. Donald is Sean’s best friend but Sean is not Donalds best friend. Maybe one day he will be but at present time, he is not. Donald Trump has millions of people in line to be his friend and I will let you know latter if the president changes best friend.

“No president ever has ever had so many friends but you guys never report on that.”

So, while Trump was flattered with his friend changing his last name, the name of Hannity’s show is still up in the air.

The highly rated show with the same name as the host wants to be called Trump and for a price it may be possible. The shows producers were not surprised by Sean’s actions saying, “I’ve never seen a man so enamoured with another man. I guess you could call it super gay.”

We still don’t know how Sean is able to talk so much with Donald Trump’s cock in his mouth. We are told Trump always makes him swallow so he can’t steal his sperm for potentially other uses.