Ivanka Trump Piloted Air Force One From Europe

After a bizarre G-20 Summit where Trump seemingly signaled the decline of US power and progressiveness and an unprecedented act of having your daughter fill in with a meeting of global leaders, Ivanka Trump piloted Air Force One for several hours over the Atlantic ocean.

“I’ve always wanted to fly a jumbo jet so I asked my father and he generously obliged,” said Ivanka. “People don’t see his generosity and this is an example of that.”

The flight’s crew were shocked and everyone on the plane objected but Trump persisted with his request. Eventually, after an hour of complaining, the crew caved and let Ivanka fly the plane.

A staff member said, “She always wanted to fly a jumbo jet so Trump ordered the pilots to hand over control. The turbulence got so bad I thought I was going to throw up. I had been throwing up all weekend because every action the President made, made me sick.”

One of the few reporters allowed to cover the President said, “At one point, Trump wanted to fly to, so he had her sit on his lap like she was sixteen and they flew the plane together. Very, very, very, very, weird.”

Many on board were scared since she has no flying experience and the aircraft is very large and very complicated. Trump said, “Flying a plane is easy. Everyone knows it’s easy.”

Communication director Sara Huckabee defended the president saying “it was a beautiful bonding experience that they will remember for a lifetime. I remember sitting on my daddy’s lap when learning to drive. It was a tight fit but we made it work and that’s what patriotic Americans do, they work.”

The act would have been illegal over US airspace but she technically flew over international waters.