Twitter Almost Banned Trump For Life In 2011

An internal Twitter memo surfaced recently talking about how Donald Trump was almost banned from Twitter in 2011 after a series of inappropriate messages and tweets that violated the Terms of Use Agreement but after a lot of complaining and threatening lawsuits, Twitter reinstated Trump’s account after a few hours.

The discussion came after Trump’s threatening attacks on then President Obama and an additional dozen complaints from women who said they were being harassed. They blocked him because of the unwanted messages which also breaks the social medias Terms of Use Agreement. To make it worse, he had followers harass the women after he could no longer make contact.

One woman said, “It was terrible. Then thousands of jerks came out of the woodwork to harass us after they were commanded to.

“It was the worst year of my life.”

Twitter didn’t take the decision lightly. It was also a turbulent time for the company, which is all the time, and they didn’t want to be seen as censoring or being unkind to its users.“If we had banned him from the service, he wouldn’t be president today.”