Women Would Pay 4 Times More Than Men Under Republican Healthcare Bill

The new Senate released its secret healthcare bill and it has Democrats and most of America reeling from the cold heartedness. It will be a great tax cut for the rich as women will pay four times as much as men. It’s the reasoning why women would pay so much more that is really upsetting many women.

“They needed to cover the cost for men saving money,” said Sen. McConnell. “According to the Republican Senators, men are more healthy and should not have to pay as much.”

“Men don’t use up as much health care as women because we are naturally stronger. That’s not sexist, it’s just how God made us. You aren’t going to disagree with God, are you?”  

“If women want to be equal then they should pay their fair share.” 

The bill is pretty much is a tax break for the rich at the expense of people with disabilities who need long-term care. “Those people are screwed,” said every Democrat. “They are fucking you and laughing at it. And rape is now considered a preexisting condition.”