Trump’s Personal Lawyer Costing Taxpayers $10,000 Per Hour

 The hourly rate for President Trump’s attorney is $1,500 per hour but with the taxpayers covering the cost, the law firm is billing the taxpayers $10,000 per hour, a 1500% increase.  

This is the first time a president has retained a personal lawyer even though the President has an entire counsel of attorneys; 106 in total.

Attorney Marc Kasowitz has been Trump’s longtime lawyer who has sued over 5,000 people on behalf of Trump for everything from suing journalist to suing poor tenants who can not fight back. Trump loves suing people he knows can’t afford lawyers of their own.

Trump’s legal strategy has always been to sue those he knows can’t fight back. A former Trump Corporation executive said, “It made me sick. I remember being physically sick when Donald sued a single mother of four children who lived well below the poverty line because she owed him a hundred dollars.”  

“He spent thousands on lawyers against a woman who lived day to day and had, I think, only eight dollars in her bank account. Anyway, he sued and won which caused her to file bankruptcy, which she couldn’t afford, and lost her job in the process because she had to make too many court dates and her employer fired her. I think Trump had called her boss but I’m not sure what they discussed.

“The whole thing was crazy. Trump spent tens of thousands of dollars all to get a hundred bucks and destroyed a mother and her four children. The sad part is that she killed herself shortly after the lawsuit and I just remember Trump laughing and calling her “weak” and “I taught her a lesson.”  

This comes after President Trump pledged not to draw a salary while being president. Reports say Trump constantly harrases the White House accountant to pay him monthly instead of every four months.