Melania Trump Donates $5 Million To NPR

It’s pledge week across the country for public radio and television. With government funding looking to be axed, a very generous person donated $5 million to NPR. That person is First Lady Melania Trump.

“I love NPR,” Melania told Vanity Fair. “And it is pledge week. I always donate money. It’s very good programming. I like it a lot. Very fair, I think.”

When asked if her husband, Donald Trump, appreciated her donating the money to which she replied, “We don’t always agree but that doesn’t stop us. We do what we think is right, that is why I admire him very deeply.”

NPR issued a statement saying they were very thankful for the substantial donation.

NPR host Larr Mantle said, “It was very generous of her. We appreciate it. The funding brings you great reporting. Hopefully, this donation help spark others to help fulfill our fundraising goal.”

Melania will receive 30,000 tote bags which her spokesman said would be donated to a local New York City Goodwill. 

You can donate to NPR HERE