Trump: “Did You See What Happened In Ariana Grande?”

President Trump was on his first foreign trip and watching Fox News when he learned of the bombing in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert. The blast has now killed 22 people and wounded over 70.

Trump said of the incident, “Did you see what happened in Ariana Grande? Did everyone see? It’s completely terrible what happened in Ariana Grande. It’s the worst thing ever.

“I’ve been there many times, beautiful place, and these monsters, the most evil people in the world, ever, did this at this great place.

“So much innocence lost in this terror attack. I never want to see this happen in Ariana Grande, ever again.

“But Ariana Grande will rebuild and be even a stronger city, It will have the best city but we have to learn theses people are not good people. They are the worst people.

“So please, everyone pray for the people of Ariana Grande. Pray for the rebuilding and I can hep them get good deals. I’m already in the Middle East so I can fly by on my Air Force One beautiful plane, and solve the problem, that’s how much I live Ariana Grande and the people of Ariana Grande.”

The President will answer questions when he is briefed on the situation and has all the information but “is angry.”  This came after Trump made a $110 billion military deal with Saudi Arabia after human rights organizations blasted the country for cutting off the hands of protestors.

Civilian casualties and hand cutting-off in the Middle East are much more common than in the Western World and Islamic leaders somewhere called for peace.