Trump Forgot To Pack Underwear For First Big Foreign Trip

President Trump is on his first foreign trip as leader of the free world, he’ll also be riding free since he forgot to pack his underwear on the week-long trip that includes a speech in Saudi Arabia. There is no word if he plans to stop in France.

Trump has many Sudi friends that have offered to let him borrow their undergarments but the president declined saying, “I only wear a special kind of underwear, I’m not a Mormon but trust me, they are very special underwear. The best ones. Ivanka always picks out the best underwear for me.”

“I’m a real commando now.”

Trump usually wears Depends on long flights because he doesn’t like using airplane bathrooms, even extremely nice ones. I depend on them.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was quick to scold media for asking the question. “It’s the media’s fault,” said Spicer. “If they weren’t so negative towards the greatest president of all time, we would not have forgotten the underwear.”

The president only wears tighty whities and on at least one occasion, an intern accidentally saw Trump in his underwear and went blind for nearly a month. “It was grueling,” said Cynthia Powers, a former aid to the president’s fashion consultant. “I literally wanted to pour acid on my eyes after witnessing it. The President didn’t understand why I almost threw up. He thinks he has the body of Brad Pitt. He doesn’t.”

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