Jeff Session Creates Secret Drug Task Force

Attorney General Jeff Sessions established a secret Drug Patrol Task Force whose mission violates the constitution at every corner. The group also has a rubber stamp for any immediate warrants they want, without a judge ever hearing reasoning. Sessions says, “It’s okay because it will keep our children safe,” and that “the President approved the group.”  

The task force has already barged into over a dozen wrong residents, resulting in multiple injuries and one fatality among the innocent people raided by a government given terrible information and total lack of oversight.

95% of the victims so far have been African-American. Today Sessions submitted a request to Congress for additional funds. Senator Al Franken asked what additional money would be used for. Sessions responded, “It’s a secret. And if you don’t support it, then you are on the side on Mexican drug lords.”

New cyber techniques are in development, some of the most expensive ever by the government.

Franken found this deeply troubling. He proceeded to grill Sessions until the Attorney General left without explanation. Sessions later said he was there “purely as a courtesy” and that “we already have the votes of great Patriots.”