Kim Jong-un Executes 267 Rocket Scientists

After a failed missile launch in North Korea last week, their leader Kim Jong-un ordered the execution of 267 rocket scientists.  

Many of the rocket scientists instantly knew when the missile blew up on the launch pad that repercussions were coming to them and their families. Dozens tried to flee to China but their passports were revoked.

To be a rocket scientist in North Korea comes with perks in a country where perks are rare for any level of person outside of the royal family. Even family members have seen the wrong side of a anti-aircraft gun.

The decision also seems irrational because the country can only produce 200 scientists per year, of which, only 10 will make it to the rocket program. So the hastily move could set back the program 6-8 months.

The number 267 was estimated by determining by satellite images showing half the rocket scientist parking lot has been empty.

Outsiders are confused because the country needs all the rocket scientists they can get. The counties schools produce only 400 scientists a year.