Ryan Lochte Lands Sponsorship Deal With United Airlines

After a disturbing video emerged showing Chicago police removing a passenger against his will. To help stop the bleeding, American swimmer Ryan Lochte, has landed a deal to promote United Airlines. They are using the slogan: “Give Us A 5th Chance.” The deal is over 4 years through the 2020 Olympics in Japan and is worth $25 million.

Lochte had recently been entangled in a bizarre story claiming he was robbed at gunpoint in Rio, then facts came out to discredit his story. Several of his teammates were detained at the Brazilian airport as Lochte had already flown the country, missing the closing ceremonies.

Public relation expert, Tom Joyner, said, “The are a perfect fit for each other. Totally makes sense. They are both liars and both disliked by most Americans.

“In theory, the two negatives will make a positive.”

An internet ad is currently in development and will air in the coming months.