Olivia Munn Breaks Up With Aaron Rodgers: “I Don’t Date Losers”

After engagement rumors last week, actress Olivia Munn has broken up Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers telling People Magazine, “I don’t date losers.”  

Following Green Bay’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals 36-20 Saturday afternoon and a day to contemplate their relation, Munn decided to break off the relationship. It was a shock to Rodgers and the ultimate Monday morning quarterbacking.

“It really sunk in Sunday night,” said Munn. “His season ended early, now our relationship has ended early. Packer fans won’t be able to blame me anymore for his crappy performances.”

The comments seem harsh from the actress but Munn has never been shy to express her opinions.

“I’m just happy I’ll never ever, ever have to go to Green Bay for the rest of my life,” said Munn.

Aaron Rodgers will have time to get over his relationship breakup as he vacations in Hawaii for a few weeks. Leonardo DiCapri has already placed claims in dating Munn next but she issued a statement that DiCaprio is not her type and that she will need time to heal from the break-up. All she knows is her location to heal will be as far away from Wisconsin as physically possible.

It’s rumored that Chicago Bears tackle Kyle Long peaked her interest several months ago at a charity event they both attended. “He was a really nice guy,” said Munn. “Yeah, maybe I’ll give him a call. The Bears will be much better next year too.”

According to Variety, they may be filming a fake reality show about athletes relationships but none of the TV networks have confirmed this show exists.