McDonald’s Brings Back Szechwan Sauce After Rick and Morty Segment

The long-awaited cartoon show Rick and Marty played on a loop during April Fools Day. In the episode, Rick, in a memory from 1998, goes through a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered chicken nuggets with “as much szechuan sauce you can possibly give me.”

Today, McDonald’s announced they are bringing back the much-loved sauce. Spokeswoman Susan Thompson told The Chicago Tribune at the McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

“We are proud to announce that McDonald’s and franchise owners will carry the szechuan dipping sauce. It’s great for our chicken McNuggets. And I love dipping my fries in the awesome sauce.”

Apparently, one of the executives’ son is a huge fan of Rick and Morty and asked his father about it. The executive then called the CEO  who agreed with the decision to move forward with distributing the dipping sauce.

“We still have old boxes of the original batch, so we’ll be shipping those units from our distribution storage,” said Thompson. “And we contacted our facility to produce additional batches. Our sweet and sauce is very good too. We at McDonald feel strongly about our sauces and are the best in our industry except for Chick-fil-a, those are better but we’re second.”

Selling on eBay for 99k from the show’s creator, obviously as a joke.