Sarah Palin Has Been Receiving Meals On Wheels For Past 17 Years

According to the New York Times, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been receiving Meals on Wheels because of a fraudulent document for the past 17 years.

The Palin’s had filled out a document claiming they only earned $12k per year and needed the meal assistant program. However, in every year recorded, the Palin’s earned far too much to qualify for the Meals on Wheels program.

With 4 people on the Meals on Wheels list and at 2 meals a day, a staggering 46,720 were served during the period. She was making over  $250,000 each of the years, including the year she netted over $1.5 million from her book and speaking fees.

We were told she would even keep her meals while she was out of town in the freezer and defrost them when she returned home.

In 2014, the Palins accounted for 7% of all the Meals on Wheels handed out in the state of Alaska. All the meals have cost the foundation and tax payer near $30,000 in free meals to the Palins.

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